Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"Jack... Jury's back with their verdict."

Jack Z. Douglas's debut novel series, Just Revenge - Now Available in trade paper

Espionage, Romance, and Murder...

Meet Andrew and Jessica Hardcastle.  A wildly romantic couple, each with their own successful careers.  Andrew Hardcastle is a real estate mogul.  He's rich, good-looking, with plenty of charisma.  His wife, Jessica, is a beautiful, talented, young woman - one smart cookie.  She holds a Ph.D. in high-energy physics and is lead researcher for FOTEC, a high-tech firm that prefers to operate well below the public's radar.  With her compartmented top-secret security clearance, Jessica is privy to some of the nation's most sensitive and valuable technologies.  Right now she's busy researching and designing her latest high-tech project - one that holds with it, the promise to turn the high-tech field of electronics on its head.

While Jessica is determined to unlock the key to unraveling the mystery surrounding her latest theory, her husband Andrew is busy developing a resort and convention center on the beautiful Hawaiian Island of Maui in one of the most prestigious areas of Wailea.  Many years in the planning, Andrew and his team are now set to break ground on this luxury property within the week.  But suddenly bad things start to happen and the severity only grows and escalates with time.

Pull back the curtain and delve into the interesting lives of Andrew and Jessica Hardcastle, in this high-octane, pulse pounding epic of Espionage, Romance, and Murder...

Jack Z. Douglas's debut novel, Just Revenge, Book I ~Just the Beginning ~ captures your attention from the page-one cliffhanger and won't let go.  The author / publisher is wise to disclaim all liability resulting from sleepless nights reading this first in the Just Revenge Series.

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